Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dividend Income - December & Full Year 2019, Goals for the year 2020

December, the last month of the year and the decade has passed and it's time to declare my dividend income. Dividend income for the last month was as follows:

My Total dividends in December are € 1,658.46 ($ 1,845.14). After tax payments, my net dividend income is € 1,222.06 ($ 1,359.51). In year 2018, my net dividend income in December was € 868.95. My portfolio's net dividend income increased by € 353.11 or 40.6% to compared the same month of last year. Compared to the previous year, there have been several changes to the dividend income of Decemmber: Closed positions (ORI.ST and AMLP), new holding in a portfolio (BEP, BIP, HD and UPS), additional purchases (WBA, GILD, MMM and MGA), Some nice dividend increases (COP and ENB) but unfortunately also one distribution decreases by SDIV, dividend cut by KHC, as well as the fact, that I started investing in P2P loans.

This month's dividend increased my cumulative net dividend income € 77,566.92. 

Dividend Income 2019

My total dividend income for 2019 reached € 20,914.07 ($ 23,439.55), after tax payments, my net dividend income is € 15,511.89 ($ 17,385.31).so I clearly reached my target net dividend income for 2019, which was €14,750.00. Compared to last year, my net dividend income increased by 2,273.81 euros or 17.2%.

Goals for 2019

My intention is to continue to invest € 500 regularly every month and reinvest the dividends in the shares and P2P loans that I have chosen. With this plan, I should make one to two purchases per month and spend about 20 thousand euros a year for new investments.

2019 was a good year and I clearly reached my goal. For 2020, I will set the target of € 18,000.00 (net passive income), which would mean average € 1.5k per month.

However, the exchange rate changes have a big effect on achieving this goal, as about 70 percent of my passive income comes in other currencies than in the euro.

I`m looking positively forward and I try to work hard to achieve my financial independence by the end of 2020. 

Thanks for visiting and successful investments in 2020 for everyone!


  1. Onnittelut hyvästä tuloksesta. Oma osinkosumma noin puolet. Vuonna 2019 oma ostojen summa oli 18k. Mites OST? Itse en ole kovin innoissani, koska hoitelen vipua.

    1. Moi Kinski ja kiitos! En ole avanut, enkä ainakaan tällä hetkellä ole kiinnostunut.

      Kiitos vierailusta,