Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week in Review 22/16

Welcome and thanks for reading! In this review, I will gather together important and interesting news and events over the last week related to my portfolio holdings. In my week review, I put also together some interesting articles from other websites that caught my attention during the past week.

Dividends from My Portfolio Holdings:

  • On May 30 I received a dividend of € 30.17 from TAL International Group, Inc.
  • On May 31 I received a dividend of € 85.85 from Tele2.
  • On June 1 I received a dividend of € 69.53 from Intel Corporation.
  • On June 1 I received a dividend of € 40.07 from Pfizer Inc. 
  • On June 1 I received a dividend of € 4.99 from ConocoPhillips. 
  • On June 2 I received a dividend of € 11.92 from Unilever N.V. 

Dividend income reported after the deduction of taxes. I have also updated my Monthly Dividend sheet.

News from My Portfolio Holdings:

May 31, 2016 
June 1, 2016
June 2, 2016
June 3, 2016

Articles that caught my attention:

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