Friday, April 22, 2022

Dividend Income - March 2022



The first quarter of the year is over and it's time to report my dividend income. In March 2022 my portfolio dividend income was as follows:






My Total dividends in March are € 2,468.13 ($ 2,729.24). After taxes, my net dividend income is € 1,826.68 ($ 2,019.94). In year 2021, my net dividend income in March was € 1,530.12 ($ 1,825.52). My portfolio's net dividend income increased by € 295.40 or 19.4% to compared the same month of previous year. Compared to the previous year, there have been some changes to the dividend income of March: Five new dividend payers have joined to the portfolio, namely NEE, AMGN, VTRS, MRU.TO and CNR.TO besides IPL.TO has left it. Additional purchases such as BIPC, LMT and MFC.TO as well several nice dividend increases like CVX, TGT, HD, UPS and TROW.


This € 1,826.68 net passive income means I got a comfortable € 58.93 every day or € 2.46 per hour during March, no matter what I did. For the first quarter, these amounts are €46.68 per day and €1.95 per hour.





This month's dividend increased my cumulative net dividend income € 116,020.81.




Net income / expenditure


  • Net passive income for March was € 1,826.68, for the first quarter € 4,201.64


  • Total expenditure for March was € 1,243.04, for the first quarter € 3,863.77


  • The result for March was € 583.64, total for the first quarter € 337.87



I have now collected 21% of my target net passive income for this year, which is € 20,000.00.


You can follow the development of my dividends here.


Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks except MMM and IPL.TO


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  1. what a great income again

    you remain one of my favorite examples in terms of company design

    thank you

  2. Your TGT and UPS raises were amazing compared to last year. With reinvested dividends they may hit the €100 payout next year.

    1. Hi SD Growth, I agree with you, we will see what happens!