Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Dividend Income - November 2021



Time seems to fly by the year will change in a few days, so here's my dividend income for November. In November 2021 my portfolio dividend income was as follows:






My November dividend was a total of € 1,698.48 ($ 1,950.95). After taxes, my net dividend income is € 1,254.12 ($ 1,440.64). In year 2020, my net dividend income in November was € 1,237.00 ($ 1,457.37). My portfolio's net dividend income increased by € 17.12 or 1.38% to compared the same month of last year. Compared to last year, there are five new dividend paying companies in my portfolio, such as VZ, BMY, UNM, APD and MRU.TO, additional purchases such as GD and a few closed positions such as WSM and IPL.TO. Unlike in previous years, this year TELIA paid its dividend in November, NESTE in October and UNA in December.


This € 1,254.12 net passive income means I got a comfortable € 41.80 every day or € 1.74 per hour during November, no matter what I did. After eleven months, these numbers are € 50.82 per day and € 2.12 per hour.





This month's dividend increased my cumulative net dividend income € 110,335.68.



By the end of November I will have received passive net income of € 16,973.14, 94.3% of my target net passive income for this year, which is €18,000.00. At the moment, it is already clear that I have reached my target and will exceed it by a few hundred.


You can follow the development of my dividends here.


Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks except WSM and IPL.TO



Wishing You Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year!


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