Friday, July 28, 2017

Recent Buy - Omega Healthcare Investors Inc. (OHI)

Yesterday July 27,  I purchased 35 shares of OHI at $ 32.09 per share plus commission. 

My overall cost basis of this position decreases from $ 35.95 to $ 35.25 per share. I totally hold now 185 shares of OHI and my yield on cost is 7.26%. The first OHI acquisition I made in April 2015, which you can look at here.

Details of my purchase: 

With current quarterly dividend ($ 0.64), my last purchase 35 shares of OHI increases € 57.07 ($ 66.75) of expected annual net dividend income. At today's exchange rate, this purchase will increase my portfolio projected annual net dividend income approximately to € 10,830.00. After this acquisition, OHI's weight of my portfolio is about 1.38% and its share of future annual dividend income is approximately 2.79%. Currently, I no longer plan to grow the OHI's weight in the portfolio because its share of future dividends is already quite high.

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Full Disclosure: Long OHI

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  1. That's awesome DH. I'm looking to add 5 more stocks to my portfolio and OHI is on the shortlist. I think you made a great buy and good job on reducing your cost basis.

  2. Excellent purchase.

    Hope you will excuse the off-topic: seeing how you are historically heavily invested in Fortum, what are your thoughts on the slowly building consensus that their EPS seems to be going down to the 0.8-0.9 range and, with it, the dividend? After this year's payout ratio blowup I would be very interested in your opinion.
    Disclosure: I'm long Fortum.

    1. Hi Petinga

      Thanks. Yeah, I have a big weight in Fortum, I purchased my first stocks of it 2009 and I agree that Fortum's dividend will go down in the future, if they don't put soon that cash to work. I suppose, next spring will still give dividend of EUR 1.10 and I plan to keep my shares until then, maybe longer, will see.

      Thanks for visiting,