Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Recent Buy - TD Bank Group (TD)

Yesterday on 4th October I added 25 shares of TD Bank Group (TD) at CA$ 58.30 per share plus commission (CA$ 5.00). My overall cost basis of this position increases from CA$ 53.76 to CA$ 54.42 per share. I totally hold now 180 shares of TD and my yield on cost is 4.04%. You can look at my first purchase of TD here.

Details of my purchase:

With current quarterly dividend (CA$ 0.55), my last purchase 25 shares of TD increases € 27.69 (CA$ 40.98) of expected annual net dividend income. 

At today's exchange rate, this purchase will increase my portfolio projected annual net dividend income approximately to € 9270.00.

Click here to see my portfolio.

Full Disclosure: Long TD 

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  1. Great purchase, Hawk. This is the one bank I hold in my portfolio and intend to hold it. Its the strongest of the Canadian banks and has a great strategy for growth going forward.

    Best wishes

  2. Nice buy DividendHawk, the Canadian banks always seem to be a good one to pick up at times like this.