Sunday, November 3, 2019

Week in Review 44/19

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In this review, I will make a summary of important and interesting news and events over the last week related to my portfolio holdings. Also, I will put together some interesting articles from other websites that caught my attention during the past week.

Received Dividends:

October 28, 2019

  • € 16.52 - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

October 29, 2019

  • € 70.82 - Scotiabank
  • € 244.03 - Telia Company

October 31, 2019

  • € 67.64 - TD Bank Group
  • € 12.44 - LTC Properties Inc.

November 1, 2019

  • € 19.62 - General Mills Inc.

Dividend income is reported after the deduction of taxes. Check more at my Monthly Dividend sheet.

My Portfolio's Transactions:

In the second half of the year I started investing in the P2P loans. Here's a summary of my deposits, which I made in October:

In the future, I will report potential interest income on a monthly basis in connection with dividend updates, although they are not the same thing as dividend income, but passive income however. I've also updated my portfolio and dividend table with my new investments.

Currently, peer loans weight at my portfolio are about 2.51%, and their share of future annual passive net income is approximately 7.12%. Although P2P loans are very risky investments, my plan is to increase their share in my portfolio in the future.

Portfolio Holdings News:

October 28, 2019

October 29, 2019

October 30, 2019

October 31, 2019

November 1, 2019

Articles that caught my attention:

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  1. Hawk -

    Thank you, thank you! Also, loved the ABBV dividend increase, no doubt. Great list of articles, always enjoy reading the development of Kraft, very interesting.