Sunday, February 3, 2019

Week in Review 5/19

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In this review, I will make a summary of important and interesting news and events over the last week related to my portfolio holdings. Also, I will put together some interesting articles from other websites that caught my attention during the past week.

Received Dividends:

January 28, 2019

  • € 10.02 - Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

January 29, 2019

  • € 65.01 - Scotiabank

January 31, 2019

  • € 59.85 - TD Bank Group
  • € 12.11 - LTC Properties Inc.

Dividend income is reported after the deduction of taxes. Check more at my Monthly Dividend sheet.

My Portfolio's Transactions:

  • I purchased 3 Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. shares (BIP) at $ 38.55.
  • I purchased 3 Cardinal Health Inc. shares (CAH) at $ 48.70.
  • I sold 100 Gjensidige Forsikring shares (GJF.OL) at NOK 146.00.
  • I purchased 35 Sampo plc shares (SAMPO) at $ 39.75.

The reason why I sold some of Gjensidigen's shares was that, from the beginning of 2019, the Norwegian tax authorities changed their tax policy on dividends. From the beginning of the year, the Norwegian taxpayer withholds 25 percent of the dividends, while the previous arrest was 15 percent. Of course, it is possible to apply for a refund from the Norwegian tax authorities, but there may be a lot of paperwork. That is, it may not be worthwhile to get small sums, as it may not be worth the effort. Norwegian tax authorities instructions ( is-dividends /). Probably I'll give up the rest of the ownership in Gjensidigen in the coming weeks.

At today's exchange rate, those transactions will increase € 20.48 of my expected annual net dividend income and will increase my portfolio's projected annual net dividend income approximately to € 13,980.00.

Portfolio Holdings News:

January 28, 2019

January 29, 2019

January 30, 2019

January 31, 2019

February 1, 2019

Articles that caught my attention:

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  1. That's not much trouble with Norway. You can even apply for a refund for two years retroactively. This is informal and is really just a letter with your account number copy of the dividend certificate and copy of the ID card. Then wait 6-8 months and the money comes even without deductions on the account.

  2. Hawk -

    Thank you for all of the earnings release links and other business news you mention, not even including the solid list of articles to read. I look forward to this every Sunday, so thank you!


  3. nice thorough list. got to check out a couple of them.

    love seeing those canadian banks!