Saturday, October 10, 2015

Recent Sell - Gazprom OAO

On Wednesday, October 7, I sold all my shares of Gazprom.

I bought those shares in the summer of 2012 for $ 8.95 and now I sold them $ 4.45. In three years, the value of the shares lost about half. There are many different causes, low commodity prices, international politics etc. My loss of this adventure came to € 1090.58. When I take into account the dividends received during the three-year € 127.21, the total loss is € 963.37. This defeat can I reduce previous gains on the sale of this year and to lower my rate payable by the capital gains tax. 

Taking a small loss was the main reason to sell Gazprom's shares, secondly, I do not think Gazprom's a very good dividend payer in the future, and I also wanted to reduce the political risk of my holdings.

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