Thursday, March 12, 2015

Recent Sell - Reduced SP Amerikka

Yesterday on11th March I sold 36.401 shares of SP Amerikka at €109.89 per share plus commission. 

Säästöpankki Amerikka is a fund of funds with the objective of increasing the value of the fund units in the long term by mainly investing the capital in investment funds UCITS that invest in the North American equity markets. The fund is euro denominated, but it has investments in other currencies, so changes in exchange rates affect the value of the investment (currency risk). The Säästöpankki Amerikka non-UCITS fund is suitable for investors who are interested in the North American capital markets and who are aware of the related opportunities and risks. The recommended investment period is over seven years.

14th January 2011 I bought 170.325 shares of SP Amerikka at $58.13 per share plus commission. (Total investments of € 10k)

In the last few years, and especially early in this year, the value of the fund is developed comfortably due to the strengthening of $.

This sale 36.401 shares of SP Amerikka gave me a return of € 1,822.85. After the payment of taxes my net income is € 1,275.99. (Capital income tax 30%) This was the second time I lowered my share of this fund. First reduce I made on January 2014.

I'm still holding 94.94 shares of SP Amerikka and planning to keep them.

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  1. My Road to Half a MilliomMarch 13, 2015 at 7:29 PM

    TER 1.76%, fiksumpaa olisi omistaa suoraan ETF:ä, mutta kannattaa tietenkin laskea miten verot vaikuttavat tuohon

    1. Moi

      Olet aivan oikessa! Mulla roikkuu salkussa edelleen muutama rahasto, jotka olen hankinut muutamia vuosia sitten. Ne on hankittu, kun salkussa oli vain suomalaisia yhtiöitä. Tarkoitus on luopua niistä vähitellen.

      Kiitos vierailusta!