Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dividend Increase – Kraft Foods Group, Inc. (KRFT)

Yesterday Kraft announced a quarterly dividend increase of from $0.525 to $0.55 per share that’s payable October 31, 2014 to holders of record October 17, 2014. This represents a 4.76% increase to regular quarterly dividends. With current price $55.74 (today's open), this raise brings their dividend yield to 3.95%. 

Since I own 100 shares this will increase my yearly net dividends by $7.45.

That increase rises my YOC to 4.05%

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You can follow the development of my dividends here.


  1. Thanks for posting. I was actually about to initiate a position with Kraft today through my L3 account, but held off for the moment. Ended up just adding a bit to my current positions.

  2. I just got another raise for doing nothing. Gotta love it. :-)

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  4. DividendHawk,
    4.76% increase is not much but it brings KRFT yield close to 4% which is attractive compare to S&P average. Just like what Captain Dividend said, got another raise for doing nothing. Hopefully KRFT will continue to raise their dividends every year so we get our regular raise every year :)