Friday, September 19, 2014

Dividend Increase – McDonald's Corp. (MCD)

Yesterday McDonald's announced a quarterly dividend increase of from $0.81 to $0.85 per share that’s payable December 15, 2014 to holders of record December 1, 2014. This represents a 5% increase to regular quarterly dividends.

McDonald's has raised its dividend each and every year since paying its first dividend in 1976. With current price $93.48 (yesterday close), this raise brings their dividend yield to 3.64%. 

My intent is to increase the McDonald's share in the portfolio over the coming months.

Since I own 20 shares this will increase my yearly net dividends by $2.39.

That increase rises my YOC to 3.74%

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You can follow the development of my dividends here.


  1. This is a great quarterly increase considering all the negative news that has been surrounding this company lately. I'll take it. Thanks for sharing this dividend raise with us. I'm still looking at MCD from the sidelines and see if Mr. Market gives us a better buying opportunity.

  2. grats on the increase as it was for me as well! Nuggets for everyone!!!!!!

  3. One of the few big blue-chips I don't own yet. They raise their dividends like clockwork :)

  4. Great news...we also own some MCD shares so looking forward to the raise! In fact, we picked up MCD shares with the idea that MCD would continue to increase their dividends as they have been doing for the last 37 years. :)

    Cheers to dividend growth! AFFJ

  5. Hi,

    I own 65 MCD shares which makes it my biggest holding right now. I'm happy with the increase but expected a little more... They have that 20 billions dollars that they are supposed to give back to shareholders... I hope they will give more dividends and less share buybacks. I'm not a big fan of these share buybacks programs because they are often poorly timed. At 90-93$ MCD is attractive and if it wouldn't already be my biggest holding I would buy more shares.