Friday, December 29, 2017

Recent Sell - General Electric Company (GE)

On 28 December 2017 I Sold 210 shares of GE at $17.36 per share minus commission.

December 8, 2017 GE Board of Directors declared a quarterly dividend a $ 0.12. This was 50% less than the previous quarterly dividend. The announcement did not come as a great surprise, it had been the subject of news already some time. However, I decided that I sell all my shares before the end of the year, and I use the loss of the 2017 income tax purposes.

Summary of transactions:

2014-09-12: Bought 80 shares of GE at € 20.00 per share:        € 1,600.35
2014-10-27: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 10.33
2014-12-10: Bought 100 shares of GE at € 20.51 per share:      € 2,051.02
2015-01-26: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 27.45
2015-04-27: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 28.32
2015-07-27: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 27.81
2015-10-26: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 27.89
2016-01-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 28.43
2016-04-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 27.37
2016-07-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 28.05
2016-10-26: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 28.33
2016-12-21: Bought 30 shares of GE at € 30.93 per share:           € 928.03
2017-01-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 34.94
2017-04-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 34.36
2017-07-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 32.24
2017-10-25: Cash Dividend:                                                             € 31.78
2017-12-28: Sold 210 shares of GE at € 14.52 per share:          € 3,049.57

                                                                                Capital loss: € 1,529.83

                                                                                      Net loss: € 1,162.53

Dividend income reported after the deduction of taxes.

That capital loss I can reduce from my capital gains in this year's tax report.
This sale 210 shares of GE will reduce around € 65.00 of my expected annual net dividend income.

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  1. Ah, I see some tax planning impacted this decision. Not a bad move if GE no longer fits your investment criteria after the dividend cut. Might as well receive some tax benefits and get your capital into a company that better aligns with your strategy!


  2. It's a bad idea to hold a falling knife. However, I don't think GE is a bad company. It will turn around. I would held my stocks and dollar cost averaged using dividends. Agree with Bert, if it does not meet your strategy good idea to get rid of it.

  3. Ich stand vor der selben Entscheidung. Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, dass ich GE weiterhin im Depot behalte, da ich denke, dass GE in ein paar Jahren den turnaround bewältigen wird. Meine Postition ist allerdings nur 100 Aktien zu einem Preis von ca. 19€. Sollte der Turnaround wirklich kommen, so wird die Aktie wieder über 20 oder noch mehr $ stehen. Ich kann aber ihre Gründe nachvollziehen, auch ich habe ende des Jahres die ein oder andere Position verkauft, um so zumindest den Verlust geltend zu machen :-) Ich wünsche noch ein gutes neues Jahr 2018 und weiterhin viel Erfolg beim Trading.