Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dividend Increase – Target Corporation (TGT)

Yesterday the Board of Directors of Target Corporation announced a quarterly dividend increase of from $0.52 to $0.56 per share that’s payable September 10, 2015 to holders of record August 19, 2015. This represents a 7.7% increase to regular quarterly dividends. Target Corporation has paid consecutive quarterly cash dividends since 1967, and 2015 marks the company's 44th consecutive annual dividend increase. With current price $78.89 (Yesterday's close), this raise brings their dividend yield to 2.84%. 

Since I own 100 shares, this will increase my portfolio's projected annual net dividend income by $11.92.

That increase rises my YOC to 3.90%.

Click here to see my portfolio holdings.

You can follow the development of my dividends here.


  1. I got a raise! Woot woot!

    Its not as spectacular as previous TGT increase but Im happy with it.

  2. Didn't get a raise... :-( lol But congrats to you!



  3. We own shares of TGT in our dividend stocks portfolio so we are definitely looking forward to the raise. Love it when our passive income stream grows on it own with no additional capital added! Even better, we bought last year when Target was going through to tough times with the credit card issues and their failed launch into Canada. Glad we took the risk as our bet with Target over Walmart is paying us dividends, literally! :)


  4. Hmm... quite a lot smaller than last time =(

  5. Totally need to own Target one of these days.... congrats on the raise.