Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recent Sell - SP Yrityslaina B

Last Friday on 5th June I sold the remaining shares of SP Yrityslaina B at €84.42 per share plus commission. (Total transactions of € 8,013.06)

SP Yrityslaina B is a fund of funds with the objective to increase the value of the fund units in the long term by mainly investing the capital in investment funds UCITS that invest in bonds issued by companies. In the basic situation, Säästöpankki Yrityslaina non-UCITS fund invests 50% of its assets, excluding its cash funds, in the SEB Corporate Bond Fund EUR investment fund and 50% in the SEB Global High Yield investment fund. The fund is suitable for an investor that is seeking a higher return on their fixed income investments than what government loans offer in the medium-term from an efficiently diversified corporate bond fund. The recommended investment period is at least three years.

Source Morningstar: Development
The first time, when I invested in this fund was 4.5.2009, after that I have sometimes increased, sometimes decreased its weight in my portfolio. During these years, I have invested a total of € 25k and now after the last sale I have returned a total of € 33,883.05. So my total return of this investment was €8,883.05. When I reduce the capital gains tax (30%) to be paid, my net income will be € 6,218.14.

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  1. Hawk,
    Sounds like a decent profit there. Any plans ready for that cash?

    1. Hi DL

      I don't have any particular investment opportunity in mind, during the summer, with a certainty I will put the money in the North American market, probably into 4-5 different stocks.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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