Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Dividend Income - December & Full Year 2022, Goals for the year 2023


December, the last month of the year, has passed and with it, 2022 is already history. It's time to report my dividend income and take a look at how the year went and set goals for 2023. The dividend income for the last month of the year was as follows:

My Total dividends in December are € 2,547.83 ($ 2,697.84). After taxes, my net dividend income is € 1,891.14 ($ 2,002.42). In year 2021, my net dividend income in December was € 1,483.49 ($ 1,679.08). My portfolio's net dividend income increased by € 407.65 or 27.5% to compared the same month of previous year. Compared to the previous year, there have been several changes to the dividend income of December: Six new dividend payers have joined to the portfolio, namely NEE, AMGN, ARCC, LYB, PPL.TO and CNR.TO and MMM left it. Additional purchase such VTRS and ENB.TO, change of dividend payment schedule of KESKO from semiannual to quarterly. Compared to a year ago, the holdings also included some nice dividend increases like TGT, HD, V and AFL.

This net passive income of € 1,891.14 means that I received a reasonable € 61.00 every day or € 2.54 per every hour during December, no matter what I did. For the year 2022, the corresponding amounts are €61.63 per day and €2.57 per hour.

This month's dividend increased my cumulative net dividend income € 134,314.89.

Net income / expenditure

  • Net passive income for December was € 1,891.14, year total for to date € 22,495.72

  • Total expenditure for December was € 3,054.08, year total for to date € 20,137.26

  • The result for December was € -1,162.94, year total for to date € 2,358.46

Dividend Income 2021

My total passive income for 2022 reached € 30,386.54 ($ 32.066.60), after tax payments, my net passive income is € 22,495.73 ($ 23,739.56), so I clearly reached my target net passive income for 2022, which was €20,000.00. One important factor for such a large overshooting of the target was the weakening of the euro against the dollar in the summer. Compared to the last year, my net dividend income increased by 4,035.10 euros or 21.9%. The year 2022 went really well and I am very happy with the result I achieved, in fact this result means that I achieved financial independence last year. My passive net income covered my annual expenses!

Goals for 2023

My intention is to continue to slowly increase the size of the portfolio by reinvesting dividends in the companies I have selected and which I believe will be able to pay increasing dividends in the future. Exchange rate developments have a big impact on the achievement of this objective, as about 75% of my passive income comes in currencies other than the euro. In addition, in the second half of the year, I withdrew capital from peer-to-peer loans and sold my FORTUM shares. These will reduce my income for this year considerably, for about 2K euroes, so I will be satisfied if I achieve the same result as in 2022.

Therefore, for this year, I am setting a target of € 22,500 in net passive income.

You can follow the development of my dividends here.

Full Disclosure: Long on above mentioned stocks except MMM and IPL.TO

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