Saturday, February 10, 2018

Recent Buy - WEC Energy Group, Inc. (WEC)

Tuesday February 6, I bought 15 shares of WEC Energy Group, Inc. at $ 59.49 per share plus commission.

WEC Energy Group, Inc., through its subsidiaries, generates and distributes electric energy. The company operates through Wisconsin, Illinois, Other States, Electric Transmission, We Power, and Corporate and Other segments. It generates electricity from coal, natural gas, oil, hydroelectric, wind, and biomass. The company provides electric utility services to customers in the paper, food products, foundry, mining, printing, and retail industries, as well as to governmental and health services. It also provides retail natural gas distribution services in the state of Wisconsin, as well as transports customer-owned natural gas; and generates, distributes, and sells steam. The company serves approximately 1.6 million electric customers and 2.8 million natural gas customers. In addition, it invests in and develops real estate properties, including business parks and other commercial real estate projects primarily in southeastern Wisconsin. The company was formerly known as Wisconsin Energy Corporation and changed its name to WEC Energy Group, Inc. in June 2015. WEC Energy Group, Inc. was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

WEC is a Dividend Contenders with a 15 year streak of dividend increases. Dividend growth rates for 1, 3, 5 and 10 years are 5.1, 10.1, 11.6 and 15.3. (DividendChampions.xls) WEC Energy Group now pays dividends of $ 0.5525 per share normally in March, June, September and December.

Details of my purchase:

Some ratings for WEC:

    Yahoo:  Mean Recommendation 2.5, 1y Target Est $ 66.33
    Reuters: Mean Rating 2.50
    Morningstar:  (***) 

At today's exchange rate, that purchase 15 shares of WEC will increase € 20.17 ($ 24.70) of my expected annual net dividend income and will increase my portfolio's projected annual net dividend income to € 12,000.00. With purchase price $ 59.49 plus commission ($ 3.50) my starting yield on cost is 3.70%. After this acquisition, WEC's weight of my portfolio is about 0.20% and its share of future annual dividend income is approximately 0.17%. My purpose is to add more DUK to my portfolio if the price remains at these levels.

This year I have also opened a new possession of Kimberly-Clark Corporation and increased it really slowly. Now I have 4 shares of KMB, the average price of $ 114.09 and yield on cost is 3.51%. My intention is to continue to slowly increase KMB in my portfolio if there is no special change in the company.

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Full Disclosure: Long WEC, KMB 

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  1. Very nice Hawk! Keep these buys coming! I noticed you like a lot of international utilities, how come?


    1. HI DI, thank you! That's my purpose to do! For a long time, Fortum was my only and also the largest single utilities possession. Now I have begun to increase share of utilities in my portfolio, international utilities are not a forced, I just try to invest in the companies, which will increase their dividends also in the future.


    2. Ah I see! I've been looking at your Utilities and as I have to add some myself, it's a nice source of inspiration and idea's!
      See you at your next update!


  2. Utilities and REITs are a good buy these days so its logical to invest here. Personaly bought AEP.

  3. Looks like a solid purchase Hawk. I've eyed WEC before but just never gave them a real thorough look but their history is solid and I like their exposure to multiple energy sources. I have no clue where the future of utilities is going but there's no way I'd want to invest in utilities that are heavily exposed to coal plants. I'd be curious to see what their power generation breakdown works out by source. All the best.