Friday, June 30, 2017

Recent Buy - General Mills, Inc. (GIS)

On Thursday June 29, I bought 20 shares of General Mills, Inc. at $ 54.97 per share plus commission.

My overall cost basis of this position decreases from $ 59.21 to $ 57.88 per share. I totally hold now 60 shares of GIS and my yield on cost is 3.39%. You can look at my first purchase of GIS here.

Details of my purchase: 

As you can see, yesterday I also added a few CSCO shares to my portfolio.

After just announced dividend increase, GIS now pays quarterly dividend of $ 0.49. At today's exchange rate this purchase 20 shares of GIS increases € 25.60 ($ 29.20) of expected annual net dividend income and will increase my portfolio projected annual net dividend income approximately to € 10,810.00. After this acquisition, GIS's weight of my portfolio is about 0.78% and its share of future annual dividend income is approximately 0.71%. During this year, I'm planning slowly to build up GIS's share of my portfolio, if the price remains at these levels.

Click here to see my portfolio.

Full Disclosure: Long GIS and CSCO

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  1. Div Hawk -

    Nice job! Killing it over there, great moves on a consumer company.


  2. I think this is a great addition. I started a position in GIS this year too. The company is going through a transition period and I think that they will definitely come out the other side on top. They are still on my watch list and would definitely consider adding more. Thanks for sharing DH.

  3. Nice buy. I just recently added to my position as well for GIS. I picked up a few shares shortly before or after you announced/ posted on their increase. Great buy!

  4. Very popular buy lately among the DGI community! Can't go wrong with the 3.39% yield currently provided by GIS. And looks like you grabbed more shares on a great day just below the $55 mark.

    Cheers to another buy to grow those forward dividends! AFFJ