Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week in Review 19/17

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In this review, I will make a summary of important and interesting news and events over the last week related to my portfolio holdings. Also, I will put together some interesting articles from other websites that caught my attention during the past week.

Received Dividends:

May 9, 2017

  • € 171.35 - Sampo plc

May 10, 2017 

  • € 46.36 - Global X SuperDividend ETF

Dividend income is reported after the deduction of taxes. Check more at my Monthly Dividend sheet.

My Portfolio's Transactions:

May 12, 2017 

  • Purchase 25 shares of Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM), I will try to publish the details next week.

Portfolio Holdings News:

May 8, 2017 

May 9, 2017 

May 10, 2017 

May 11, 2017

Articles that caught my attention:

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  1. Hawk -

    Nice work with grabbing ADM shares when they took a nose dive!