Saturday, March 4, 2017

Recent Buy - LTC Properties Inc. (LTC)

Yesterday on March 3, I Bought 20 shares of LTC Properties Inc. at $ 47.50 per share plus commission.

LTC Properties, Inc. operates as a health care real estate investment trust (REIT) in the United States. It invests in senior housing and long term healthcare properties, including skilled nursing properties, assisted living properties, independent living properties, and combinations through mortgage loans, property lease transactions, and other investments. Its portfolio consists of 89 skilled nursing properties, 102 assisted living properties, 14 other senior housing properties, 2 schools, and a parcel of land under development. As a REIT, the company would not be subject to federal income tax, if it distributes at least 90% of net taxable income to its stockholders. LTC Properties, Inc. was founded in 1992 and is based in Westlake Village, California.

 LTC is a Dividend Challengers with a 7 year streak of dividend increases. Dividend growth rates for 1, 3, 5 and 10 years are 5.8, 4.8 , 5.4 and 4.3. (DividendChampions.xls) After the last dividend announcement LTC Properties, Inc. now pays monthly dividends of $ 0.19 per share.

If you are interested, you can read more of LTC Properties by Brad Thomas at Seeking Alpha here.

Details of my purchase:

Some ratings for LTC:

    Yahoo:  Mean Recommendation 2.8, 1y Target Est $ 51.00
    Reuters: Mean Rating 2.82

At today's exchange rate, this purchase 20 shares of LTC will increase € 31.98 ($ 33.97) of my expected annual net dividend income and will increase my portfolio's projected annual net dividend income to € 10,765.00. With purchase price $ 47.50 plus commission ($ 5.00) my starting yield on cost is 4.77%. After this small acquisition, LTC's weight of my portfolio is about 0.24% and its share of future annual dividend income is approximately 0.30%. I'm planning to build up LTC's share of my portfolio, if the price remains at these levels.

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Full Disclosure: Long LTC 

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  1. Very nice buy here. Looks like a solid company to invest in. Cheers

  2. Are you using Lynx as your broker? If yes, how do you get the purchase details shown above? I would like to see my purchases in EUR as well.

    1. Moi, Yes, I'm using Lynx. Kirjaudu sisään tilinhallinta tai Kontoverwaltung (, valitse Reports -> Activity -> Statements ja valitse päivä, jolta haluat hakea tietoja, avaa kyseisen päivän kohdalta "Trades" ja se näytää sinulle kaikki sen päivän totetuneet toimeksiannot, sekä kokonaissumman sinun aikaisemmalla valitsemalla perus valuutalla, joka minulla on EUR

      Kiitos vierailusta!

    2. Kiitoksia, noinhan ne löytyvät. Huomasin myös että kuukausiraportista saa euromääräisen summan, jos on vain yksi kauppa sinä kuukautena.

      Kun nyt kyselemään ryhdyin, niin vielä kiinnostaisi tietää saako tuolta yksityiskohtaista vuoden 2016 osinkoraporttia euroina verottajalle?

    3. Ole hyvä vaan, en ole löytänyt yksityiskohtaista raporttia euroina, tosin en ole edes etsinyt vielä! Itse olen osingot ilmoittanut vain kirjaamalla ne veroilmoitukseen ja muuttanut summat euroiksi Lynxin raportin päivän kurssilla (Base Currency Exchange Rate). Vaatii tietysti hieman työtä, ainakin siinä tapauksessa, että suorituksia on paljon.

  3. I like this pick up. Of all the REITs the health REITs are my favorite long term. I have LTC on my watch list for a long time but have yet to pull the trigger. Maybe a better buying opportunity will come after the next Fed raise. REITs always have a knee jerk reaction lower. Thanks for sharing.