Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Review of the Year 2014, Goals for the year 2015

The year 2014 is behind us, so it's time to see how I achieved my goals, and how my portfolio grew during the year. I will also set my goals for the year 2015 a dividend income.

I did 21 transactions during the year, 19 purchases and two sales, I got dividends from 33 companies and distributions from two ETFs. My portfolio now includes 34 companies and two ETFs that pay dividends. Comparing to
2013: 24 transactions, 21 purchases and three sales, got dividends from 20 companies and from two ETFs. I am very satisfied that I was able to increase the number of companies in my portfolio and increased diversification.

During the year 2014 I made the following transactions: 

In January, I sold about 23% of the SP Amerikka B equity fund, because I wanted to move the weight more on dividend paying stocks. The other sale I made in June. I reduced the number of my holding in Golar LNG. From my 300 shares, I sold 75, because the price of Golar had grown up very fast. These two sales generated a total of €1,808.80 income, after-tax payment (capital tax 30%), my net income will be € 1,266.16.

I used the new acquisitions of shares for a total of €54,298.44 during the year 2014. My sales of SP Amerikka B fund and Golar LNG shares gave me €5,793.80. In addition, sales of 300 shares of Tele2 at the end of the year 2013, gave me €2,441.27. Almost all of the dividends that I received during the year 2014, a total of €7,303.06 I have already reinvested.

I have written an article for each purchase, they can be found under the tag Recent Buy.


My total dividend income during the year 2014 was €9,867.86. After the payment of taxes my net dividend income will be €7,303.06. My goal was to get €6,000 net dividend income during 2014, which I crossed clearly. Apparently, I set my goal too low and I put new money in new acquisitions more than I had planned. In 2013, my net dividend income was €4,786.51, so my income increased about 52% compared to last year.

You can follow the development of my dividends here.

Goals for 2015

My goal is to get the net dividend income of €8,700 in 2015 and increase my projected annual dividend income to €9.200. My intent is to increase the companies in my portfolio, so that I would have at the end of the year about 40 companies that pay dividends.

Thanks for reading and successful investments in 2015 for everyone!

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  1. Looks like you had a bumper year, DH. Thats a nice chunk of money going into investments in 2014. Congrats on increasing your future earnings by such a huge amount.

    Wishing you the best for 2015!

  2. Well done DividendHawk, congrats on reaching your goals this year!

  3. Stellar year, DH!

    The slope on your dividend income graph is really quite impressive. At this rate you'll be rolling in dividends in a couple of years.

    Good luck for 2015 even though I'm sure you'll make your goal no problem.

    Best wishes,

  4. DH,

    Congrats on a huge, huge year. That's some phenomenal dividend income which will only add to your total in 2015 as it gets reinvested.

    Excited to see how 2015 turns out for you. Keep up the excellent work!

    Best regards.

  5. That's a really fantastic year you had there man! I wish you all the very bext of success for 2015. I'm sure you'll make it a great one!

    Just a quick question, I was wondering if you could shelter any of your dividends from tax in Finland, like we can in the UK? We do have to pay a small tax when we purchase the stocks, but we can buy up to £15,000 per year and receive tax-free dividends.

    1. Hi Theres Value

      Thanks! Unfortunately, in Finland we pay 25.5% tax on every euro that we receive from dividends. (30% from ETF's distributions)

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. SHOCKED! That is a LOT of tax. still shocked...

  6. Onnittelut hyvästä tuloksesta ja tsemiä tälle vuodelle. Itse kykenin sijoittamaan vain puolet summastasi. Saako kuitenkin tiedustella miten sait säästöön yli 48.000€ viime vuonna? Oletan, että sinulla on oma firma, koska palkkatyöllä tuollaisiin summiin ei toimitusjohtajia lukuunottamatta Suomessa kykene. Itse tarvitsisin vähintään 120k vuosipalkan jotta pääsisin tuollaisiin säästösummiin.

    1. Moi Jussi

      Kiitos! Ei minulla ole omaa firmaa, olen normaalissa palkkatyössä käyvä henkilö. Säästin noin puolet palkkatuloistani viime vuoden aikana (noin 20.000€), jonka käytin osakkeiden ostoon. Lisäksi minulla erääntyi muutama määräaikaistalletus, jotka myös sijoitin osakkeisiin.

      Kiitos vierailusta!

  7. Crazy good. I think I have some catching up to do!

    DH, have you figured out how much dividend income you'll need to "retire" on?

    What is your magic number? I figure mine is $30k CDN per year.

    1. Hi Mark

      Thank you! I spend an average of a thousand euros a month for living so when I get dividends to € 12k a year, I can say that I am financially independent. To be able to "retire" I want to get minimum €15k dividend income in a year, but to be able also a little bit "enjoy" my life in retirement my "magic" number is € 18k.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Looking good there! Seems like you have been spending at the right places, and investing and saving at the right time. It's all about circulating your various financial habits such that there is a balance and no one gets more money than the other. Anyway, I hope that the recent months have brought more good news on the matter. Good day!

    Tracy Frazier @ Sunnen Law Bankruptcy Firm