Friday, April 18, 2014

U.S. Champions

U.S. Champions greated by David Fish is a list of companies that have increased their dividends every year for at least 25 years.
Data Source: Google Finance and CCC list

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  1. Hi DH

    I love your spreedsheets :) I am about to create my own watch list. Can you explain how you are pulling payout ratio and dividend amounts into your sheet?

    Dividend Freedom

    1. Hi DF, Glad to hear that you like my spreadsheets. For this sheet I only calculate the payout ratio, pick up dividend is a bit complicated from Google Finance and that's why I have only copied it from David Fish's Excel Spreadsheet. Internet is full of adviced how to pick dividend from Google Finance, some of those has worked for me, but only short time :(
      here is one:
      =split(ImportXML(concatenate("",B2), "//td[@data-snapfield='latest_dividend-dividend_yield']/following-sibling::*"),"/")
      This will pick up dividend and yield for company, which ticker is in cell B2 and put dividend and yield to two different cell.
      Full list of Google finance atributes you will found for ex. at
      YahooFinance have more alternatives, but for some reason it also stopped work for me.
      You can use this: =ImportData("")to get info from Yahoo.
      Change TIKKERI for ex. CVX and PARAMETRI for d you should have dividend for Chevron.
      Here is one list of Yahoo parameters ( sorry finnish language!

      I hope those tips will help you to create your own list.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Hi Dividend Hawk, I was wondering if you have a similar list for European dividend growth stocks as well? Or if you know where I could find it.. I've been searching but havn't been able to find them..

    1. Hi DD, Unfortunately, I do not, but look at this page, , there can be found a few lists of Europeans dividend growers.

      Thanks for visiting!