Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recent Buy - AT&T (T)

Today on 29th January I added 60 shares of AT&T Inc. (T) at $32.45 per share plus commission ($5.00). With current quarterly dividend ($0.47), my last purchase 60 shares of T increases €74.30 ($84.04) of expected annual net dividend income. I bought my first shares of T in September 2012 and added some more on August 2013. My overall cost basis of this position decreases from $36.10 to $35.41 per share. I totally hold now 310 shares of T and my yield on cost is 5.31%. When I do the calculation with the base currency of my portfolio, my overall cost basis of this position increases from € 27.37 to € 27.64 per share and my yield on cost is 6.02%.

At today's exchange rate, my last purchase increase my portfolio projected annual net dividend income approximately to €8750.00.

Dividend Mantra also made recently purchase of T, you can read his excellent analysis here.

Click here to see my portfolio.

Full Disclosure: Long T


  1. Good call on adding shares of AT&T, DH. Congratson adding more dividend income to your stream.


  2. Great price! I was also buying a few stocks on the big price swings today.

  3. DH,
    Congratulations on the T purchase, 310 shares translates to $582 of yearly income!

  4. Long T as well, nice purchase here at this price. I'd like to buy more too.

  5. DH,

    Great minds think alike. :)

    That's a huge position in T you've got over there. Good stuff. That's producing some serious income for you!

    Keep up the great work. You're rolling already.

    Best regards.

  6. Good call. Happy to have T DRIPping :)

    I don't own 310 shares though!

  7. Nice buy Hawk...our family has owned share of AT&T for many years. Very stable company with juicy dividends. Definitely a company we consider as a long term hold well into retirement!

    Cheers to another $84 dollars in dividends! AFFJ

  8. Hawk,

    Whoa! Serious position of 60 shares right there. Huge! Nice job and great addition to the dividend income stream. I like it!


  9. Good buy.

    Have been planning to buy some more, but not sure should i get more T or VZ. And how about Vodafone hmm..
    + there is like 5 good Telecoms in Europe that is paying dividend above 5%. Too many options

  10. DH,

    Great purchase! I am thinking about adding some to my position as well. A nice slow and steady foundation stock for your portfolio that will look great in your portfolio in the long run!