Friday, April 18, 2014

Dividend Monthly


  1. Nice dividend income review. Having €1000 avg. monthly income (as of 2015) is not bad at all. Good job! How much do you need per month to comfortably retire in Finland?

    1. Hi Martin and thanks. The first half has been very good in terms of dividends, the other half is going to be a little bit worse, but I'm pretty pleased with the progress. "How much do you need per month to comfortably retire in Finland?" This is a very good question, and I can't give the exact answer. Depends on a lot of what he wants to do and what to keep as a measure of well-being. I suppose that's enough for me €1800 per month.

      Thanks for visiting!

    2. Hey, you don´t have to retire necesarily in Finland. I live in Spain, as far as I know, life is very cheap in the south of Spain, in Benalmádena for example you could live very well with that money.

      I also want to get financial Independence, I have been investing for 3.5 years and my portfolio is about 98k euros right now, but I have to work, save and invest for at least 11 years more to get financial Independence, this is too slow.

      I wish you to get financial Independence very soon.

    3. I Am the anonymous who wrotte that the previous comment in February 2, 2018 at 8:21 PM.

      Well, my portfolio is 133k euro right now, I still have to work for a long time to get financial independence.

      I still think Dividend Hawk, you should think about living at affordable place with good weather such as the Canary islands.

  2. Great progress DH. Amazing to see over 4000€ in dividend income for April. I must say I am a bit envious ;-)

    Keep up the good work!

    Dividend Freedom

  3. Nice chart. Similar to the one I keep for my investments. I am heavy in BDC and mReits. Also play CC.

  4. Hi Dividend Hawk,

    thanks for publishing your monthly dividend income. As an example to follow, I added you to the list of Income Heroes available here.

    I hope you like. Keep on your good work,