Friday, March 2, 2018

Dividend Increase – Altria Group, Inc. (MO)

Yesterday the Board of Directors of Altria Group Inc. announced a quarterly dividend increase of from $ 0.66 to $ 0.70 per share that’s payable April 10, 2018 to holders of record March 15, 2018. This represents a 6.06% increase to regular quarterly dividends. Altria has increased its dividend 52 times in the past 49 years. The new annualized dividend rate is $ 2.80 per common share, representing a yield of 4.30% based on Altria’s closing stock price of $ 64.59 on February 23, 2018.

Since I own 175 shares of MO, this will increase my portfolio's projected annual net dividend income by $ 20.86.

That increase rises my YOC to 8.32%. 

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You can follow the development of my dividends here.

Full Disclosure: Long MO 

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  1. Loved seeing that increase from Altria. Especially since I snuck in a small starter position right before the increase was announced. Dumb luck, but I'll take it.

  2. Another nice raise from a great company. A lot of people are suggesting MO could raise again in April. We'll see but 6% is nice even if not.

    1. Hi Captain, yeah it is true that this increase was not in accordance with the "normal" schedule, I expected an increase in August, but it also suits me as well!